Perhaps you already know that recycling is great for the environment and that we should do it regularly. However, what happens after the junk removal company takes away your recycling bin? What do the materials transform into? Where do the materials get taken? If you are looking for a Dumpster Rental Syracuse company to rent a recycling bin, here are a couple of things you should first know: 


This is an extremely well-known material to recycle. Of course, there’s a reason for that. You can recycle any material that’s made of aluminum. Also, aluminum is extremely stable. This means that you can recycle it again and again. The truth is that around 2/3 of all the aluminum materials utilized nowadays have been utilized in the past. Recycling aluminum saves around 95% of the energy it will otherwise use to produce a new can. Thus, it’s very advantageous for the environment.  

Getting rid of the non-aluminum materials from the bin is the only sorting that has to be completed with aluminum, unlike other forms of recycling. The recycling center will place the aluminum in the hydraulic press and it is crushed into new sheets. Then, the new aluminum sheets can be used to create new cans. Easy, right? 

The lifecycle of aluminum is extremely fast. For those who don’t know, the whole process only takes 2 up to 3 months. Because of this, you probably have utilized the same aluminum more than once in only a couple of months. Of course, you don’t know this since you won’t notice it.  


Paper has to be separated into its different forms. When it comes to paper, there are 7 common forms. All of them differ in weight and texture. After sorting the paper, it is treated with caustic soda mixed with soap, hydrogen peroxide, and water. This will transform the paper into a pulp. To get rid of any contaminants, the paper pulp will be filtered using a fine screen. Then, after that, getting rid of the ink from the pulp is the next stage. They do this by floating the pulp in water or washing the pulp. This will generate a white pulp that is placed in a roller to get rid of most of the water. To get rid of the rest of the moisture, the pulp will be placed in the dryer. Lastly, the rollers will press the pulp again to produce the recycled paper.  


First, the glass will be separated by color when it arrives at the recycling center. The reason for this is that glass keeps its color. Unluckily, heat resistant glass isn’t recyclable. If it’s mixed with recyclable glass, it can damage it. After separating the glass from the colors, it’s smashed to form tiny bits. Then, these bits will be melted using chemicals to produce liquid glass. Then, the liquid glass can be molded to form new shapes, such as bottles and much more. Of course, the new bottles can also be recycled again. Thus, it can be recycled from time to time.