Do you have to rent a dumpster for all the waste in your property? Well, there are things you have to think about first before you hire the first Dumpster Rental Marietta company that you find on the internet.  

Before you rent a dumpster, here are a couple of mistakes that you have to avoid: 

Wrong Placement 

The best place for your dumpster is your flat driveway. Of course, you do not have to know the actual reason for this right? Well, you can easily have a runaway bin if you being loading up your dumpster with heavy items on a steep slope. This is particularly true in late fall, early spring, or winter when ice or frost makes surfaces slippery.  

Talk to the dumpster rental company to see how they can work with you to safely place the bin if you’ve got a sloped driveway. Typically, these professionals have a couple of tricks to help you with your problem. 

Not Considering the Property 

Obviously, you have to think ahead. What will be the most traveled path from and to the dumpster during the clean-out process? You’ve got to ensure that the path is not right over your newly installed landscape or your beloved petunia bed.  

Put down sheets of plywood along the path if crossing your lawn is inevitable. This will help you lessen the possibilities for damages. 

Blocking Yourself, Your View, and Your Doors 

The best thing about a dumpster rental is how the bin usually conveniently snug right up in the driveway. Most residential dumpsters are about the size of a car.  

However, before the bin arrives, there are a couple of things to remember when it comes to placement. This will help you ensure everything goes without any issues.  

Is there enough space in your driveway to come and go with your vehicle? Is there a way for you to not place the bin at the end of your driveway where it might block the view of pedestrians and drivers? Are you blocking your doors?  

Is there adequate space at the walk-in end of your dumpster for easy entry? This is particularly vital if you’ve got bulky and heavy items you cannot toss in over the top.  

Consider all of these things before you rent the dumpster. 

Tossing Harmful Chemicals in the Dumpster 

When it comes to dumpsters, you can throw away almost everything. However, there are a couple of exceptions. The major one is hazardous materials. Of course, a professional dumpster rental company will tell you about this exception. This is particularly true if you inquire about their dumpsters.  

You are not allowed to toss in pesticides, household cleaning chemicals, gasoline, and motor oil. In addition to that, you aren’t also allowed to toss in aerosol cans, fluorescent light bulbs, old paint, batteries, and propane tanks.  

If the dumpster rental company forgets to tell you about these exceptions, do not hesitate to ask them. If you do toss harmful materials inside, you might have to pay a costly fine.